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Booklets published by the De Lorean Motor Company

Here you can see some booklets published by the De Lorean Motor Company in the 70s and 80s to promote the DMC-12. Click on the images to view a larger version or a PDF.

All material is © DeLorean Motor Company (Michigan) or © DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd. (Belfast).

De Lorean Motor Company prospectus

Date: 1978-March-14
The front page and the pictures contained in the prospectus. Note the different styling from the shown prototype to the production cars: Side mirrors, side windows, tires, no rear sun shade.

Single sheet leaflet De Lorean Motor Cars

Picture and drawings of a late protoype. Different side windows, but already with production type side mirrors, gas flap in hood.

Information letter De Lorean Motor Cars, folded twice

An information sheet designed to be send as a letter with an empty address field. Pictures of a late prototype with different side windows and different interior. (0.9 MB PDF).

De Lorean Motor Company News Fall 1980

Information about first shipment of cars, Gold De Loreans, North American Operations HQ, Dunmurry Facility, Chief Financial Officer (3.3 MB PDF).

Small trifold brochure

1981 News Release

1981 news release of DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd. It tells about the appearance of the DMC-12 at the 1981 Motorfair in London, the company, the management, the product, the component suppliers and shows some pictures of the car (1.2 MB PDF).

The Facts About An Extraordinary Car

15 pages of information about JZD, the DeLorean Motor Company and the DMC-12 including a comparison to "competitive" cars (2.0 MB PDF).

Nearly the same version of the booklet. But for the comparison to "competitive" cars, there are additional specifications about the twin turbo DeLorean. This one should have had a horsepower of 230 against the 130 of the standard DeLorean. (2.0 MB PDF).

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